6 week bodyweight programme

6 week bodyweight programme

This is our incredible 6 week bodyweight programme.


This bodyweight programme is perfect if you are looking to exercise at home, or in a hotel on the go. It requires no equipment other than a towel and the results are incredible. This programme is for 3 days per week. The suggested schedule for this programme is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. If you would like to add a fourth or fifth day then you should use these times to focus on your mobility and recovery in order to prepare yourself for the next scheduled session. Every exercise, set and rep is all laid out for you to follow, you simply turn up and follow the instructional videos. Take the guess work out of your training and trust in our tried and tested programme.


This programme was developed over a number of years using the latest sports science and refined to a point that it has always shown great results for all experience levels. 


    Our digital programmes are sent as a PDF. They include everything that you need to successfully complete the programme including a structured warm up, instructional videos for all exercises and a clear layout of each weeks training. 

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